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Products and Benefits


Our prepaid card solutions can be used across a wide range of sectors which include Payroll, Expense Management, Travel, Money Share, Insurance, Gaming and Online Shopping amongst others, with reduced exposure to fraud in a safe and secure environment. This provides our customers with peace of mind, convenience and an alltogether better value for money proposition.

The CUF Consumer Card costs €10.00 (excl. shipping outside UK). Card creation and delivery time frame 2-3 working weeks.

Below are 5 top reasons to choose prepaid.


No Credit Checks

No credit checks or bank account required. Instant online approval.


Topup Networks

Our cards have the ability to be loaded by the bank transfer or via loading networks as mentioned herein.


Protect your identity when shopping online

We offer 3-D Secure system with the high level of security of a physical payment to improve online transaction security.


Manage your money effectively

Prepaid cards do not get you into debt, as you can only spend up to the balance loaded onto your card.


Send money instantly to friends and family overseas

CUF Prepaid cards are seen as a much cheaper option to international money sharing. Secondary cards can be given to family members abroad and reloaded for instant use.

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