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Loading your card

You can load your CUF Prepaid MasterCard® using a number of different methods. Simply choose the method that is most convenient to you.


Register your debit/credit card online with us to link the card to your Prepaid card. Once you have registered your debit/credit card you can then load funds directly to your prepaid card.

Bank Transfer

Online banking is one of the quickest and easiest ways of topping up your CUF Prepaid MasterCard. The number of days it takes for money to clear by online banking very much depends on who you bank with.

If you would like to load funds to your CUF Prepaid card using bank transfer drop us an email. We can provide you with our bank account details.

Money Loading Networks

Run Pay Latvia

Run Pay is a money loading network which covers a significant territory across Latvia.

Run Pay loading network Latvia

Wages / Benefits

Your company can put your wages directly onto your CUF Prepaid Card. it's more convenient than a cheque and you don't have to mess around with petty cash, either. This is also avalible for state benefits.