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Business Expenses Cards

It has become common practice for employers to reimburse employees for business related expenses.

Prepaid Business Expense Cards provide a quick distribution method for company expenses or per diem allowances. Using business prepaid cards to pay staff expenses can dramatically streamline a company's existing expense process and remove a lot of time-consuming and cumbersome paperwork while at the same time reducing the costs associated with monthly or daily staff allowances.

Using a prepaid card for managing these expenses allows employers to have an increased element of control over their employee's spend while keeping expenses manageable. Corporate clients are provided with access to our card programme administration portal. This user-friendly online interface provides real time reporting of how/when and where the card is being used and can help prevent employees abusing their expenses. There is no need to wait for monthly bills to monitor employee spending.

By using a Prepaid business expense card, employees can be allowed a greater degree of autonomy when travelling, making e-commerce easy and reducing the need for cash. As the Business Expenses Card is a prepaid card rather than a Debit/Credit card, employees can only ever spend the allocated funds on the card.

Allow CUF to streamline the management of your business expense accounts. With a business expense card an employer can load funds to a prepaid card from an E-wallet or by BACS transfer. These funds can be topped up on an ad hoc basis depending on your needs.

Prepaid Cards are ideal for use in corporate and business environments as:

  • A prepaid payroll card
  • Commission payout
  • Travel cards
  • Loyalty/Affinity
  • Fuel cards
  • Business travel card

Corporate expenses prepaid card applications are designed for companies that wish to:

  • Eliminate cheque and cash management.
  • Easily assign and track staff expenses.
  • Swiftly issue Prepaid Business Cards rather than corporate expense accounts and direct reimbursements.
  • Manage employee spending.